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new rules (labour day)

sun-flower (black-eyed susan in millennium park, peterborough · ben wolfe

the world is as it is
because we so often followed the rules,
did as we were trained

used ‘best practices’
rather than our love
or higher brains

what if —
at first for just a half an hour a day,
until our long-domesticated hopes
recall the taste of it

we tell each other,
tell our disbelieving selves

that in this one small pregnant slice of time
our highest aspirations
are the rules

our longings are the compass, and the map,
the light that knows
and shows the next small step

they are the seed
that knows it is a tree

and we are free
to do
as we see fit

— September 4, 2017

prometheus, 2009

(for earth day)

maybe god
left us with an irresponsible babysitter

all those aeons of loving care
since we were only hydrogen

and then some rube of a teenage sub-god
gave us a glimpse of fire, as a joke
and we were gone

out of the cradle,
over the rail,

taking in the fall
from this 21st-story balcony

stretching it in time
calling it a lifetime

making believe
we were born to achieve

terminal velocity

— March 26,  2007 / April 2009


 Oversoul, by Alex Grey (detail)